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Quick Cuff Precision Rifle Sling - Online Owners Manual
Installation Of NON QD-Swivel Models


The Quick Cuff Precision Rifle Sling that do not have QD swivels are quite easy to install if you follow the steps outlined in this section and the following section. Unlike it's brothers this model does not have the sling swivels permanently installed thus making it necessary to have the user restring his sling on their existing swivels.

The following simple steps should be followed in order and you will have little difficulty. Remember, if you would like to see a larger version of any of the images on this page, simply click on the photograph and you will be taken to a page with the bigger image.

If at any time you become confused feel free to look at the simplified Restringing Diagram linked here.


Before Installing the Quick Cuff Sling, be sure that you have unloaded your weapon and that the safety is ON or that the bolt is removed. Make sure that the muzzle of the weapon is pointed in a safe direction and that you have a solid, clean work surface where you can lay the rifle down and work on it in a safe manner.

Before installing the Quick Cuff Sling, check the existing swivels and swivel studs. Make sure that these items are completely secure and capable of withstanding the tension and forces exerted by a target rifle sling. If you have a bipod installed on the rifle make sure that it is designed for use with a target style sling and that you will not void the manufacturers warranty by using our product in conjunction with it.

Make sure that the swivels and swivel studs on both the forearm and the buttstock are tightly set in their respective holes and that they are completely free from any breakage, rust, cracks or other defects. Of course, the rifle MUST be equipped with the proper size swivels.

Check with a certified gunsmith if you are at all unsure of the capabilities of your rifle, the swivels or if you need repairs on the swivels, swivel studs, stock, or bipod.

Fore-End Installation:

Locate the front or fore-end section of the sling. This section will be the shorter of the two ends and it will have an integral quick release buckle assembly. Lay the sling out upright. All buckles, pull cords, and clips should face toward you and the buckle covering the elastic should be securely closed.

click for larger image

Lay out the sling so that the small end (the one with the main buckle) is upwards.You may set aside the armcuff for now.

Locate the forward sliding buckle. Loosen and remove the TOP nylon belt running through it.

Remove the TOP nylon belt from the elastic keeper.

Insert the end of the sling through your existing or fixed swivel on the fore-stock. The elastic keeper should remain on the inside (bottom) part of the sling.

  Pull several inches of nylon through the swivel. Be sure that there are no kinks or twists in the material. Note the buckle and elastic keeper remain on the lower portion of the sling.
  In preparation for putting the outer portion of the sling back through the elastic it is helpful to bend the elastic in half lengthwise.
Push the nylon back through the elastic keeper and then unfold it. It is imperative you make sure that no folds kinks or twists are hidden by the keeper. 
  Restring the sliding buckle completely going through both ends of the buckle. When you are finished the nylon of the top part of the sling should be riding on the Nylon of the bottom part with no plastic between them.

Congratulations! That wasn't so hard was it? You have now installed the front portion of the Quick Cuff NON-swivel Rifle Sling to the fore-end of your rifle. Now you are ready to:

Install The Buttstock Portion of the Sling.