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Quick Cuff Precision Rifle Sling - Online Owners Manual
Installation Of NON QD-Swivel Slings

Buttstock Section Installation

In the previous section you learned how to install the sling on the fore-stock. In this section we will walk you through installing the rear portion of the sling. It is a bit more complicated, but quite doable by the end user.

The following simple steps should be followed in order and you will probably have little difficulty. Remember, if you would like to see a larger version of any of the images on this page, simply click on the photograph and you will be taken to a page with the bigger image.

As before, if at any time you become confused feel free to look at the simplified Restringing Diagram.

Take a moment to lay the sling out. Make sure it is not twisted or kinked and note how it is strung at the factory. The main clip should still be buckled. Note the three sections, top, middle, & lower.

First you must unstring the sling. Pull the sling end out from underneath the elastic keeper.

Remove the TOP portion of the sling from the sliding buckle.

Remove the TOP portion of the sling from the middle buckle.

Remove the sliding buckle from the MIDDLE section and put it aside. 

  Pull the MIDDLE section of the sling out of the elastic keeper. You should now have one continuous piece of nylon with an elastic band around it just below where the swivel will ride.

After insuring that the sling has not become twisted during this process put the sling end through the lower sling swivel. The elastic keeper should remain on the LOWER portion of the sling behind the swivel.

It's now time to restring the lower part of the sling! As you did on the fore-stock, bend the nylon in half and insert it into the keeper and pull all of the nylon through.

  Restring the sliding buckle.The MIDDLE section of the sling should go over the middle portion of the buckle only.

  Place the end of the sling through the middle buckle and pull the entire length of nylon through it.

  Restring the TOP portion of the sling through the sliding buckle. As before, nylon should ride against nylon.

  Slip the remainder of the sling through the elastic keeper. As before it will be helpful if you start it by bending the inserted portion in half.

Pull the sling taught. Adjust the buttstock portion of the sling for  comfortable carry. Do not adjust the forend portion as that adjustment is used later with the armcuff when shouldering the rifle.

Gather and fold any excess. You may cut this off if you wish, but do so only after you have used the sling for a while since you may find yourself using more adjustment than you expect. 

Tuck the excess sling material neatly under the elastic keeper.

 You're Done! Now feel free to install the less important accessories such as scopes, rings, bipods and such!

click for larger image

Congratulations you have secured the main portion of the sling to your rifle. You should now familiarize yourself with how to:

Position the Quick Cuff on your arm.