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Thank you for choosing to order your shooting products from Tactical Intervention Specialists.

We are unable at this time to accept orders by telephone or credit card.

Whether it is an actual item or special training, we stand behind our products 100 percent. Our customers have thus far been very satisfied with our merchandise. Please check out our testimonials section and view just a few of the letters that we have received. If for any reason you are not satisfied we will make all reasonable attempts to make it right.

Order via PayPal


The preferred way to order our products is via PayPal! You can use your own credit card or your PayPal funds which can be drawn from many sources (see PayPal's website for details.)
To order our products via PayPal click here.


Check Or Money Order

Order using checks or moneyorders by mail

Tactical Intervention Specialists gladly accepts checks and money orders by mail. To order by mail simply click here, print out or otherwise copy the order form, and enclose a check in the exact amount including shipping and handling made out to Tactical Intervention Specialists.

Special Note For International Orders

Tactical Intervention Specialists' prices are in listed in United States Dollars. The only funds that we are able to accept are in USD. Please make arrangements to remit in US funds ONLY.


Special Note About Cash Or Special Tender Sales

For the security of our customers we ask that you do not send cash in the mail.

Ready to order from us?

To order our products via PayPal - click here.

Or to order by mail go to the Snail Mail Order Form


Telephone - 510-919-7286

Tactical Intervention Specialists regrets that we can not accept cash orders. We also are unable to accept orders in coins, stamps, or International Reply Coupons. It is not that we do not appreciate these forms of tender, but it is our experience that the mail is not secure enough to assure that we will receive them. In addition our office is not set up for large scale foreign currency exchange operations.

We may from time to time set up a booth at special events, gun shows, or related functions. At those events we will accept cash with a handshake and a big smile.

Tactical Intervention Specialists
P.O. box 152119
Cape Coral

Telephone - 510-919-7286

Ordering Our Products From Other Companies

Tactical Intervention Specialists rifle slings can be ordered directly from us or they can be ordered from the following companies:

Triad Tactical
US Tactical Supply

Order TIS Rifle Slings at Brownells

Triad Tactical

SWFA Rifle scopes

Us Tactical Supply

Available on GSA Contract # GS-07F-0259