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Quick Cuff Precision Rifle Sling - Online Owners Manual


The Quick Cuff Precision Rifle Sling is very easy to install. The following simple steps should be followed in order and you will have little difficulty. Remember, if you would like to see a bigger version of any of the images on this page, simply click on the photograph and you will be taken to a page with the larger image. This section primarily covers models with swivels already installed.


Before Installing the Quick Cuff Sling be sure that you have unloaded your weapon and that the safety is ON or remove the bolt. Make sure that the muzzle of the weapon is pointed in a safe direction and that you have a solid, clean work surface where you can lay the rifle down and work on it in a safe manner.

Before installing the Quick Cuff Sling, check the existing swivels and swivel studs. Make sure that these items are completely secure and capable of withstanding the tension of a target rifle sling. If you have a bipod on the rifle make sure that it is designed for use with a target style sling and that you will not void the manufacturers warranty by using our product in conjunction with it.

Make sure that the swivel studs on both the forearm and the buttstock are tightly set in their respective holes and that they are completely free from any breakage, rust, cracks or other defects. Check with a certified gunsmith if you need repairs on the swivel stud, stock, or bipod or are unsure of the ability of your rifle to be used with this product.

Finally, the rifle MUST be equipped with standard American dimension swivel studs. There are some foreign swivel studs that have different dimensions and may be unusable with your Quick Cuff Model-One or Military-Model slings. In a case like this we recommend our Military Model Sling WITHOUT swivels pre-installed.

Fore-End Installation:

Locate the front or fore-end section of the sling. This section will be the shorter of the two ends and will have a single male quick release buckle clip. Make sure that the sling is upright. All buckles, pull cords and clips should face toward you and the buckle covering the elastic should be securely closed on the Model One and Model Two.

Click for larger Image

Unlock the sling swivel. Grasp the knurled Quick Detachable (QD) knob and turn it counter clockwise with your right hand until you feel it stop. Do not force it any further.

Using your index finger push the knurled QD knob to the left. This will disengage the locking bar from the round bar that rides in the swivel stud.

Grasp the rotating locking bar with your left and rotate it toward you 45 degrees until it stops. Gently release the knurled knob and be careful not to pinch your left fingers as the locking bar retracts.

Connect the Quick Cuff Sling to the fore-end by inserting the round bar on the swivel into the hole in the swivel stud. Make sure the outer part of the sling is facing toward you. (pull cords, clips and buckles all face outward)

Lock it down!
Reverse steps 3, 2, and 1 above. Make sure you turn the knob clockwise until it spins freely. Move the swivel back and forth and side to side firmly to make sure it is seated properly.

If you own a Harris Bipod select this link, otherwise: Continue on to:
Installation of the Buttstock end of the Quick Cuff Sling.