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Maker: H.S. Precision
Product Type: After-market Stock For Remington PSS
Suggested Retail Price: $
Reviewed By: Mike Miller

I have been shooting sniper rifles since 1982. I received my first real sniper rifle in 1984. It was a McMillan M40, with the General Tactical InterventionPurpose stock. It was Glass Bedded without pillars and shot better than any other rifle I could find at the time. The years passed and techniques for the manufacture of sniper rifles matured. Pillars became the new rage. Then a company called H.S. Precision came out with the idea of full length aluminum bedding blocks. I remember buying my first Remington PSS with the H.S. Precision stock, taking it apart and saying to myself: "It needs to be bedded." I shot it before bedding and recorded the data. I then bedded the action and went back to the range. To my surprise there was little true difference in accuracy after bedding, but I felt better so it shot better. I was not the only one as many an FBI Armorer did the same thing.

At that time I had never heard of torquing action screws. I used the stock but really preferred the vertical grip available with the McMillan A2 and A3 stocks. So not knowing any better, I would buy my yearly Remington PSS, sell the H.S. stock and buy a McMillan. This went on for a few years until I complained to a friend about the long wait for my new McMillan Stock. He said that H.S. Stocks are the way to go and that while I was apparently sleeping they had come out with a vertical grip model.

I called H.S. Precision and talked with Janet Thompson. For those of you who have not yet had that pleasure, let me tell you she is one nice lady. A short conversation later my order was complete. I ordered a green Vertical Grip Tactical Stock, for a detachable magazine Remington 700 P DM. I could not wait to try out the new stock. I had asked for so many non standard items on the stock I worried that I would not see it any time soon. Much to my delight less than two weeks lapsed and there it was on my doorstep. I opened the box and it was just as I ordered. The fit and finish were excellent. I looked at the Length of Pull adjustment and really liked the rubber boot used to keep dirt and debris out of the mechanism. The adjustment was smooth and easy to operate. I played with the vertical comb adjustment. It was so smooth that I worried it might come out of adjustment from handling. I decided to reserve judgment until I had more experience.

I removed the old stock and installed the new unit. I torqued the screws to the specified 65 inch pounds. That very day I went to the range. I had a Sniper Class to teach but found a way to shoot some rounds with the rifle anyway. To my surprise, my cold bore shot went into the same general area as it always had. This proved to me the validity of torquing the action screws and it also illustrated how close H.S. keeps the bedding tolerances.

I shot my first group and five shots were under one half minute at one hundred yards, with a new lot of Remington 168 grain Match. I was stunned. I shot another group, this time using 168 grain Federal Match. This ammunition also shot under one half minute. I was more than impressed -- the rifle is a stock 700 PSS! I shot many more groups and all results were about the same. Some groups were slightly smaller and some slightly bigger. All consistently grouping exactly as they should.

I decided to see what would happen if I removed the stock from the action. I cleaned the bore and waited until the next day to torque the screws. I did so and returned to the range. Cold bore shot was the same point as before. Groups were the same as before, about one half minute. I moved out to 200 yards. The 200 yard groups held one half minute. I played with taking the action out of the stock and reinstalling it. I was amazed at how close my zero would be after the removing and reinstalling the action! This had never been the case with my pillar bedded stocks.

I have now lived with the H.S. Precision stock for about two months. What I have decided? The adjustments are easy to use and have not moved by themselves. Torquing the action screws to 65 inch pounds makes it shoot like never before. The grip angle is perfect for me. The company was great to deal with. All and all the stock is the finest stock I have ever used! Now the final question, how do I get an Aluminum Bedding Block in a McMillan Stock?

Mike Miller