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Tactical Intervention Sling Hardware

Tactical Intervention Specialists makes each of our slings with the real world in mind. The last thing that you want in the field is an item prone to breakage. From the Nylon, Velcro, and hardware we choose - right down to the 'cinch' cording - we buy the best in order to make a truly world-class sling.

Every aspect of your sling has been constructed with durability and real-world application in mind.

From the choice of Nylon, Elastic and Clips...

Buckles on Model 1 & 2 Click For Larger Image

To the buckles and cinch cords... (Note cinch cords are no longer used on production models.)

All 3 slings side by side Click for more detailed image

To the locking Quick Detachable Safety Swivels...

High Quality Swivels Click for more detailed image

We use only the best field proven hardware! No surprises - and precision repeatability is the final result.

Button Actuated "Target Style" Swivels Are Available.

Quick Detatchable, Button Style, And Military Swivels.

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