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Quick Cuff Precision Rifle Sling - Online Owners Manual

Instructions For Harris Bipod Users:

The staff at Tactical Intervention Specialists believe in and use the Harris Bipod. If you own one of the Harris products please refer to your documentation to make sure it will accept a sling with QD connectors. The following instructions show how to attach the sling to a Harris Series S Model L bipod.

Before beginning this procedure make a detailed inspection of the bipod in order to ascertain that it is in good condition and solidly attached to the rifle. If it is not, do not attempt to attach the Quick Cuff Sling to the bipod. Check with Harris Engineering Inc or your gunsmith if you need repairs on the swivel stud, stock, or bipod. If you are at all unsure if your bipod will work with our product have it checked by a certified gunsmith.

Fold the legs of the bipod before beginning the installation of the sling. It makes it easier to manipulate the small parts. The sling and swivels should not in any way adversely affect the use of the bipod.

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Locate the swivel stud built into the Harris Bipod system. Harris bipods have two areas where a sling may be attached. The one pictured on the left is behind the main housing. The second stud may be found in front of the housing as seen below.

Make sure that the legs of the bipod are folded into the closed position. Inspect the bipod carefully for damage. Do not attempt further installation if your bipod is damaged. if attaching to the forward stud do the following:


Follow the first three swivel preparation steps on the previous page. Make sure the outer part of the sling is facing toward you. (pull cords, clips and buckles all face outward) Slip the round bar through BOTH of the clip swivel studs that descend from the bipod.

Lock it down!
Reverse steps 3, 2, and 1 as shown on the previous page. Make sure you turn the knob clockwise until it spins freely. Move the swivel back and forth and side to side firmly to make sure it is seated properly.

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If installing on the rear swivel, Follow the first three swivel preparation steps on the previous page. Slip the round bar through the round swivel stud that points toward the butt of the rifle. Lock it down as shown above.

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Installation of the buttstock end of the Quick Cuff Sling.