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Quick Cuff Precision Rifle Sling - Online Owners Manual
Deployment & Use

Positioning The Quick Cuff:

In the prior section of this manual you were instructed how to attach the Quick Cuff Precision Rifle Sling to your rifle. In this section we will describe how to attach this sling to you! When you have followed the following steps - the Quick Cuff Sling, your rifle, and you will have become a single integrated and very stable shooting system.

The following steps describe how to position the Quick Cuff Armband. These directions apply to both the standard and the tactical model.

Slip the Quick Cuff Band onto your non-dominant (non trigger) arm. The sling clip should point up and forward. The cinch-buckle should be roughly on the inside of your arm.

Place the Quick Cuff just ABOVE the bicep as close to the shoulder as possible. Pull straight up on the cinch strap until the cuff tightens to the firmness you desire.

Next, fold the cinch strap down over the sliding buckle and make it taught by pulling straight down to maintain the tightness. Now fold the strap upwards behind the arm and into the Velcro.

Work your way around the armcuff securing the Velcro tightly.

A special note about the Quick Cuff Armband:

The Quick Cuff Sling's armband is designed so that you can wear it on your arm the whole time you are patrolling or deploying. The method of adjusting the tightness makes it very easy to do a last minute cinch-up just before shooting if necessary. In addition, the Quick Cuff can be sewn onto a ghillie suit or shooting jacket. For users that opt for permanent cuff attachment, we make additional Quick Cuff Armbands available at a nominal charge so that you can use your Quick Cuff Precision Rifle Sling and not be restricted to only one article of clothing when you shoot.

You have now completed installing the sling on the rifle and donning the Quick Cuff. Next it is time to:

Buckle In & Hook Up!