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Quick Cuff Precision Rifle Sling - Online Owners Manual
Deployment & Use

Buckling In:

In the prior section of this manual you learned how to attach the sling and how to properly position and secure the Quick Cuff Armband. Now it's time to make the system complete by buckling in and hooking the rifle, you, and the Quick Cuff Precision Rifle Sling together.

If you are using the Model 1 or Model 2 sling unbuckle the upper section of the sling. Underneath it you will see elastic. Note: NEVER carry the rifle by the sling when this buckle is open.

Grasp the male buckle and insure that there are no twists between it and the forward swivel stud on the rifle. Allow the rear section of the sling to drop down below the rifle as far as the elastic allows.

Lock In! Clip the male buckle from the rifle sling to the female buckle on the Quick Cuff. Insure that a positive lock has been accomplished by giving it a tug opposite direction.

Using the adjustment buckles and pull cords (if so equipped) adjust the forward part of the sling to a length that is comfortable for you to shoot at when you shoulder the weapon. See next section.

If your adjustments are markedly different from the factory adjustment you may have to readjust the rear portion of the sling so that it is again comfortable to carry your rifle.*

*Safety Note: NEVER carry the rifle by the sling when the buckle is open on the (discontinued) Model One or Model Two Quick Cuff Slings. The elastic is NOT capable of properly supporting the weight of the rifle. The purpose of the elastic is to keep the sling from getting tangled and to allow the lower portion of the sling to move out of the way when you are hooked into the Quick Cuff armband. It is not meant to hold any weight whatsoever. (If you own the Military Model of this sling - disregard this note as there is no elastic on your sling.)

Congratulations! You have now fully set up your Quick Cuff Precision Rifle Sling! You may now assume your favorite sling-aided shooting position and take your shot. Please see the next link for a few final pictures and pointers.

Shooting with the Quick Cuff Tactical Rifle Sling