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Quick Cuff Precision Rifle Sling - Online Owners Manual
Deployment & Use

Final Considerations:

In the prior section of this manual you were instructed how to buckle yourself into the Tactical Intervention Quick Cuff Rifle Sling. This section just serves to show a few pictures of the sling in its deployed mode, (For photographic clarity we have used a variation of the standing position. This is not one of the better tactical shooting position choices for precision applications, but it makes things more visible in the photographs.)

When shooting, allow the rear portion of the sling to fall below the firearm. The elastic serves only as a way to keep the sling ends in place and does not play an active part of the shooting process.

Use the sling to pull the rifle into your shoulder. A rule of thumb: If you remove your hands from the rifle and it stays in the shoulder it is tight enough.

When shooting with a bipod capable of being used with a rifle sling, no special considerations need be made with regard to the sling but you must be careful of any sharp edges on the bipod during recoil.

Do you have any other questions on the use or deployment of the sling? Have any comments to make? Contact Us!

Thank you for your interest in Tactical Intervention Specialists' product line. We hope you will enjoy your Quick Cuff Rifle Sling.