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Tactical Intervention Specialists is dedicated to providing the most up to date training and equipment for Precision Long Range Shooters. We offer only the best products available for the Shooting Professional. We specialize in the highest quality combat and precision rifle slings as well as tactical rifle slings on the market. The products detailed on this website were all developed and tested in whole or in part by TIS.

NEW Product - June 2010!!!
Tactical Intervention Slip Cuff Quick Release A Joint Venture Sling:

Awhile back we were approached by a long time operator of the highest abilities with several ideas on how to improve upon the TIS Slip Cuff.  Well, our usual response is to only use TIS ideas in TIS products but these where such good ideas the normal rules were broken and the Joint Venture, Tactical Intervention/Arcangel Gearworx   Slip Cuff Gen Two Quick Release was born.

Slip Cuff Quick Release Rifle Sling

NEW Review Variable at Last- Super Sniper (SWFA SS) Tackles the Front Focal Plane Scope Industry

NEW Review March/Deon 10-60x52 Scope- At Home on F Class or Extreme Range Rifle

Rifle Sling

Special Notice:
We are proud to report that as of January 2007 the Tactical Intervention Specialists Quick Cuff Model 2 rifle sling has become the official rifle sling of the United States Marine Corps scout snipers. The TISQC2 has replaced the old 1907 design rifle sling on all of the USMC issued sniper rifles.

Currently, Tactical Intervention Specialists is featuring the following products. Please scroll down the page for more information and links on the product(s) that interests you.

You're lookin at the wrong end of the M24 !Rifle Slings - The mainstay of our business; Tactical Intervention Rifle slings are very well known and are in use by many members of the in the US Armed Forces, Police, and others. All of our rifle slings feature innovations developed by us and found on no other rifle sling currently produced.

Accessories - Each part of our small specialized line of rifle and shooting accessories has been designed from the ground up to meet the specialized needs of the professional.

Classes & Training - We provide Real World Training designed to give you the edge to win.

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Rifle Slings

Tactical Intervention Specialists rifle slings can be ordered directly from us or they can be ordered from the following companies:

Reed's Indoor Range

Order TIS Rifle Slings at Brownells

SWFA Rifelscopes

Triad Tactical

One Shot Tactical Supply

Triad Tactical
Long Range Supply
U.S. Tactical Supply

Available on GSA Contract # GS-07F-0259

Thank you for your interest in Tactical Intervention. We are here to serve you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have special requirements or questions.

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Tactical Intervention Specialists Rifle Sling Line
The TIS Line Of Rifle Slings is comprised of a large number of specialized carry and accuracy solutions that are truly innovative. These slings have been purchased and used by the federal government, the armed forces of more than one nation including the United States Armed Forces, police forces and SWAT teams across the country and by numerous other individuals and organizations that need an absolutely reliable rifle carying system that can help to deliver accurate fire when it is needed most.

The following slings are currently available for purchase by individuals or in bulk to government government agencies or via contract to retailers. For your convinience the sling line is listed here along with a link to the online owner's manual for each one.

Quick-Cuff Model ONE Rifle Sling
Online Owners Manual

Quick-Cuff Model TWO Rifle Sling
Online Owners Manual

Model M24 Military US Army Contract Model

Slip Cuff Model ONE
Online Owners Manual

Slip Cuff Model TWO
Online Owners Manual


Shooting Accessories
Tactical Intervention Specialists has developed a line of accessories for precision rifles and other shooting applications. These specialty items include:

The Patrol Rifle Strap which is designed to be a single mount sling and work off a rear of receiver sling mount.

The Trigger Defender which is designed to work with any padded scope cover on market. It protects the trigger area of a bolt action rifle.

"Secure Clip" This is a simple attachment of a Female Fastex buckle. It attaches to a Ruck Sack, LBE or Molle Webbing vest or basically anything with d ring set up. Once on then you can secure a Quick Cuff Sling rifle for hands free use.

New Reviews and articles:

NEW Review Variable at Last- Super Sniper (SWFA SS) Tackles the Front Focal Plane Scope Industry

 NEW Review March/Deon 10-60x52 Scope- At Home on F Class or Extreme Range Rifle

Nightforce 2.5-10x32 October 2009 Bridging Urban and Long Range Precision Article


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